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Vacancies MTN Sudan

Vacancies MTN Sudan

Vacancies MTN Sudan

1- FinTech Product and Strategy Senior Manager
2- IN Senior Engineer
3- Process Audit Specialist
4- Sales and Distribution General Manager

1- FinTech Product and Strategy Senior Manager MTN Sudan

Job Category: Products Development
Division: Mobile Financial Services
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary: 
This role is responsible for defining Fintech overall strategy and delivering partnerships that will help implement the strategy, also responsible of identifying business opportunities in the Fintech space beside responsibility of developing Fintech products and services and ensuring profitability and continuous improvement and taking into account technological advancement, competitor activity and market trends.

Strategy development and implementation:

  • Develop and implement Fintech Strategy incorporating rigorous environmental and competitor analysis and through
  • Engage with Group Fintech team to implement group strategy and product roadmap in line with the overarching business goals
  • Ensure effective implementation of the strategy by means of providing direction, support, technical and commercial frameworks, models, roadmaps, partners and products
  • Identify and assess new opportunities in the Fintech space, define and implement services roadmap

Products & service development:

  • Develop the innovative Fintech product/services and ensure the highest quality are put on the market as early as possible penetrating the identified market segments.
  • Develop Fintech ecosystem in Sudan through identification and concluding key/strong strategic partnership to expand MTN service offering, increase usages and revenues
  • Regularly reviews the Fintech business idea, ensuring that products and services, technologies employed, customer experience and cost structures continue to provide profitable growth against changing market and regulatory characteristics
  • Coordinate with IT to ensure technology roadmap is in line with Fintech services strategy and roadmap
  • Identify key opportunities to improve the current Fintech services deployments
  • Support initiatives aimed at the bottom of the pyramid and initiatives around Fintech services access.
  • Ensure consistent communication around Fintech services to relevant operation team
  • Ensure consistent user experience and relevance of Fintech product and services are in line with the market need

Project Management:

  • Act as gatekeeper within Fintech team with regard to new developments, to fully understand the viability of the proposed developments, and to vet viable projects
  • Drive project processes & timelines and ensure to reconcile project variances as to stays on track
  • Ensure that the scope of the project is understood by key stakeholders for every project and the necessary requirements are captured.

Planning and Coordinating:

  • Ensure the optimal use of technologies, systems, market knowledge and analytics via appropriate and adequate research
  • Act as project custodian, ensuring alignment between the various parties involved
  • Ensure that projects run smoothly and that specialist knowledge, analytics and insights are provided
  • Ensure product expectations are met
  • Ensure that the product development flow is maintained
  • Ensure that the project is organized and that all parties are aware of their responsibilities in completing the project
  • Ensure that new products / projects are completed within the timeframe and budget
  • Attend to variances in the project plan and ensure variances are reconciled to ensure that project stays on track and that any deviations are accounted for and remedied

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Establish and build relationships with all relevant stakeholders
  • Align service delivery to changing market segments
  • Understand customer needs via statistics and trend analysis and develop and fine-tune systems accordingly
  • Put contingency plans in place to prevent delays in developments
  • Adopt a proactive approach to prevent problems from arising in the future
  • Initiate change to continually improve all aspects of service delivery and new developments
  • Deliver measurable results and projects on time

Relationship building and maintenance:

  • Build and maintain relationships with all Fintech stakeholders (internal & external).
  • Investigate and understand stakeholder requirements and needs
  • Follow up on and respond to all queries and requests, however ensure all developments are viable before accepting new projects, to ensure that the channel best interests are put first at all times
  • Maintain good communication and relationships within Fintech
Job Requirements: 
• Bachelor degree in Marketing or Telecommunication, or any relevant field • MBA / Masters advantage • Minimum 5 years of experience in leading products & services development & management FinTech industry • Proven track record of business improvement and strategy development
Required Skills:
• Analytics/data interpretation • Continuous improvement • Numerical • Relationship • Scanning • Can-do

Closing Date:
Monday, July 22, 2019


Job Summary: 
• An IN Senior Engineer should be responsible for the daily monitoring, performance and availability of prepaid charging systems, incident response management as well as the management of all escalated support tickets in a mission-critical, 24/7/365 environment.
  1. Investigate and resolve fault that occurs in the system and respond to emergency situation within the specified response times in SLA.
  2. Do O&M related tasks on charging system equipment and proactive measures to identify both obvious and non obvious problems that potentially might be raised to a certain severity level that will disturb the system.
  3. Perform a comprehensive fault/failure/alarm Analysis for identifying / determining the root cause of each fault that could potentially escalate to a higher level of alarm, continued by arranging or performing corrective action to solve it permanently in a timely manner.
  4. Ensure skill transfer and technical assistance to engineers.
  5. Prudent management for vendors & suppliers.
  6. Analyse and document business processes and problems. Develop solutions to enhance efficiencies.
  7. Coordinate and implement solutions from process analysis and general department projects.
  8. Assist in process improvement initiative.
  9. Assist external auditors, regulatory auditors and other 3rd parties as needed.
  10. Responsible of implementing & correcting audit findings.
  11. Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.
  12. Monitor Platform.
  13. Report Daily extraction.
  14. Investigate the technical incidents that are reported mainly by the Customers (Customer Care).
  15. Insure the quality of all products provided by the (IN) in term of performance and charging accuracy.
  16. Implement of marketing demands as requested by the line manager.
  17. Secure Charging system availability 24/7/365.
  18. Check up and maintain the platform operational states.
  19. Follow up the new patches and features installed by the Vendor in the IN platform.
  20. System & Service Troubleshooting.
  21. Work within defined systems and processes and identify opportunities to enhance the current system.
  22. Backup of IN Services and databases.
  23. Voucher Centre monitoring and troubleshooting.
  24. New entities and/or services testing.
  25. Generate specific reports.
  26. SS7 system configuration.
  27. Charge matrices definition and modification.
  28. Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.
Job Requirements: 
• University Degree (IT, Computer Science/Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications) • Minimum 2 years of Prepaid Charging Systems in GSM Networks working experience
Required Skills:
• Negotiation skills • Interpersonal Skills • Business / systems analysis skills • Good team player.

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019


3- Process Audit Specialist

Job Category: Risk & Compliance
Division: Business Risk Management
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary: 
• To provide technical competence, expertise and support to the appropriate senior auditor in auditing the goals, performance objectives and impact of a variety of economic, financial and managerial programs in conformance with company policy and IIA guidelines for professional practice
  1. Provide some input into the operational plan (1-2 years) for the Internal Audit Unit
  2. Contribute towards continuous improvement and innovation at process and procedure level
  3. Input into identifying ways to fine tune systems in line with changing work practices
  4. Assist in identifying innovative ways to use minimum resources to achieve maximum outputs
  5. Assist the Senior Auditor in conducting audits of accounting, financial and operating records and procedures
  6. Apply professional accounting and auditing principles in performing audits
  7. Verify reports against source records to determine reliability
  8. Verify detail of recorded transactions
  9. Conduct detailed examination of receipts, disbursement vouchers, payroll records, requisitions, work orders, receiving reports and other accounting and operating documentation
  10. Ensure that all transactions are properly supported by documentation and recorded correctly
  11. Perform research as required to locate and summarise laws and ordinances and review legal summaries to ensure compliance
  12. Draft questionnaires, summarise results, draw conclusions and draft reports concerning the economy and efficiency of operations reviewed
  13. Utilise computer programs in the evaluation of data
  14. Recommend ways to bring programs and operations into compliance with goals and objectives
  15. Prepare work papers, schedules and summaries
  16. Evaluate situations and determine the best methods to reach defined outcomes
  17. Implement effective methods and standards in place
  18. Gather information and research to ensure delivery of effective results
  19. Utilise efficient project administration (e.g. file maintenance, cross-referencing, marking and identifying documents, etc.)
  20. Develop practical solutions for problems encountered
  21. Assist in identifying and assessing market trends in internal audit processes
  22. Address problems on a case by case basis, ensuring an optimal balance between the response to the situation, the cost of that response, and the core purpose of the organisation
  23. Deal with problem situations that arise, timorously and efficiently
  24. Follow clear and linear procedures to diagnose and solve problems that are not always obvious
  25. Sort, accumulate and analyse information about a particular situation or problem to assist with problem solving
  26. Ensure that all processes and procedures implemented are aligned to the set operational framework for the Internal Audit Unit
  27. Ensure that workflow continues without interruption
  28. Continually improve existing processes and procedures to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and performance
  29. legislation or other regulations and guidelines
  30. Seek feedback from stakeholders and continuously seek ways of improving on standards

Job Requirements: 

• Relevant B Degree (e.g. Accounting or Finance, etc.) • CIA/CPA certification preferable • At least 2-3 years of experience in the telecoms industry • Experience in internal financial and operational audit
Required Skills:
• Planning skills – plan, prioritise, resource allocation and deliver on time • Technical and professional excellence • Relationship building • Feedback skills • Computer literate • Problem solving skills • Budgeting skills • Conflict management skills
Closing Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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