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Vacancies Dal Group Company (DAL Engineering & Sayga Investment Co)

Vacancies Dal Group Company (DAL Engineering & Sayga Investment Co)

Vacancies Dal Group Company 

1- Origination & Contract Farming
2- Commercial Finance
3- Logistics & Warehouses Supervisor

1- Origination & Contract Farming

Job Title: Origination & Contract Farming Supervisor
Closing Date: 15-07-2019
Company: DAL Engineering Co
Job Classification: Mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category: Business Solutions
Location: Khartoum

Position summary:
To lead DIAC’s overall Origination Strategy with end to end accountability of Sourcing DIAC’s needs of Crops through well establishments of business partnerships with farmers, societies and other bodies in Crops Production Areas. The successful outcome is to grow and develop origination business in DIAC creating a key profitable and sustainably growing revenue stream.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Origination Business Development & Strategy
Lead DIAC strategic development of Origination through growing major accounts, communicating local crop production area and expectations, determining logistical-transportation needs and identifying potential acquisition targets to create a profitable and growing revenue stream for DIAC
Business Partnerships in Crops Production Areas
Lead DIAC relationships management with local producers of crops in production areas and continuously develop their capabilities to ensure stability of crops sourcing with focus on quality, sustainability and applying of DIAC business ethics.

Crops Sourcing & Origination
Monitor the outcomes of production areas and crops market trends and act as focal points with local producers of crops in terms of sourcing, pricing, risk assessments and execution of crops sourcing contracts to develop business proposals and recommendations.

Crops Needs Forecast Planning
Lead the department to develop Planned Forecasts for future demand of crops for local and export markets in order to ensure that orders are placed in a timely fashion and in accordance with vendor lead-time.
Productions Needs assessment and Management
Analyze production needs of equipment and inputs to ensure achieving targeted productivity and to develop production of hybrid plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics. Identify and inform maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage from weather.
Origination Processes Development and Management
Formulate effective systems, processes and criterion to inform crops producers selection, assessment, agreement management and performance management in accordance with company standards related to customer service, delivery and quality targets.

Continuous Improvement
Lead a culture of continuous improvement where opportunities for improvement to enhance productivity and service delivery is promoted in order to enhance greater efficiencies and effectiveness in the origination and trade business. This will include collaboration with other departments to identify vulnerabilities and close operational gaps.

Planning & Budgeting:
Build models to forecast crops prices of agricultural crop trends for making informed decision on buying for export or to determine contract farming crop prices. Plan budgets for both crops origination and export business to allow generation of sound cash flows needed for projects

People Management
Manage and lead all aspects of the origination team including employee development, new hires-on boarding, budgeting and other tasks staff development and coaching of direct reports for overall effectiveness and optimal performance.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
University Degree in Agriculture, Management, Business Development, Finance, Sales or a closely related field.
3-5 years of progressive hand-on-experience in agricultural crop and or Export business.
Experience in Finance- Sales development.

Required Skills & Knowledge:
Fluent in English & Arabic.
Crops Sourcing Knowledge .
Crops Production Applications Knowledge.
Origination Management.
Agriculture Best Practices.
ERP Systems Working Knowledge.
Effective Negotiation.

2- Commercial Finance

Job Title: Commercial Finance
Closing Date: 18-07-2019
Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category: Finance & Accounts
Location: Khartoum
Position summary:
The Company is looking to strengthen the finance business partnering function in DAL Food to support the aggressive growth plans of the business and also to address the current challenges in the business environment. Specifically, we are looking for (a) Finance Business Partner for the Basic Foods Division (about 60% of DAL Foods) consisting of bakery flour, consumer flour, Pasta, Animal Feeding Products, Milk Powder, Sugar, and Extruded Products (b) Finance Business Partner for the Procurement and Exports Division (c) Finance Business Partner for the DAL Agriculture, Logistics and Special Projects.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
– Be able to do financial and commercial analysis in the business and should be hands on in business analytics to facilitate decision making and work on the value drivers for profitable growth.
– Checking , assessing and working closely with the Head of Finance and the Head of Business, the value drivers and developing business analytics to facilitate decision-making.
– Working closely with the Financial Accounting Group to provide standard costs and also to understand actual cost movement, inventory adjustments, inventory losses, overhead variances, etc.
– Carry out a critical analysis of the business results and functional costs and review performance against the Annual Operating Plan.
· Conduct and facilitate monthly business reviews with various Value Stream Management Groups- Functional leaders and drive alignment on all key business KPIs.
– Monitoring profitability of various brands, sub brands and also initiating proposals for timely price increases. Also be involved in monitoring end consumer prices, prices to trade and will partner with the Sales and Marketing Team to optimise trade and marketing spends.
– Preparing long term financial projections for the individual value streams and responsible for strategic planning of the business and preparing presentations to the Foods Leadership Team and also to the Board.
– Oversee the cash generation in the business and influence the business in tightly managing working capital for the business.
– Negotiating commercial terms with external business partners and be the focal point for the business in generating avenues for cost savings and revenue optimisation.
– Be familiar with modern ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and will need to actively spearhead use of ERP for improved business support.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
Chartered Accountant (ACA) preferred. Exceptional Cost Accountants or MBA (Finance) can be considered.

Required Skills & Knowledge:
Essential that they have been involved in working with Tier 1 ERP (SAP, Oracle) systems.
Experienced in making presentations and possesses excellent working knowledge of Advanced Excel – Power Point (presentations)
Experience of working in a large businesses (Turnover > SDG 300Mn) will be important and the mindset to be part of the growth story.
Naturally strong diplomatic skills; sensitive to political issues and able to negotiate through them positively.
Comfortable working inside DAL Food values; commitment and pride in doing a good job for the company and the country is important.
A strategic and analytical thinker with strong project management skills.

3- Logistics & Warehouses Supervisor

Job Title: Logistics & Warehouses Supervisor
Closing Date: 21-07-2019
Company: DAL Engineering Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category: Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Warehousing, Transport)
Location: Khartoum

Position summary:
To Effectively plan logistics facets (Transportation, warehouse, inventory , insurance, registration and customs clearance) for all DIAC profit units across all branches, with emphasis on agility and eradication of unnecessary cost.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Logistics Planning:
To plan and execute logistics plan to move products to reach destinations on schedule.

Logistics operation:
To manage processes of: transportation, insurance, products registration and customs clearance; ensuring that these processes are completed within the set lead-times and targeted costs.

Transportation Management:
To develop effective criterion to select external logistics partners (freight forwarders, inland transporters, warehouses rentals, clearance agents, etc…) and devise systems for tracking their performance.

Freight management:
To review freight rates and other transportation costs to keep working costs as optimized as possible.

Inventory Management
Ensure a 100% accuracy rate of inventory ( book vs physical) and all DIAC commodity stocks controls through effective maintenance and tracking systems in order to deliver on the “”Ready-For-Sell”” stocks .

Warehousing operations:
To ensure that all warehouses are covered with CPM insurance and ensure recording and follow up of all insurance cases.
To plan warehouses and distribution centers for efficiency in both operations and capacity.

Total Logistics Cost:
To provide oversight of tracking, analysis and reporting the total cost of logistics and devise practices that aim to optimize the logistics performance.

Logistics Quality:
To maintain quality throughout the logistics processes.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
Bachelor Degree in management or a closely related field.

6 years relevant experience in Supply Chain environment.
Experience in Agriculture Industry .

Required Skills & Knowledge:
Logistics & inventory Management
Microsoft Office & ERP
Time Management

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